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Selecting a Quick Letter

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 Any letter in the Word Processor can be instantly merged with a patient by printing it as a Quick Letter.

You will use Merge Fields in order to customize your Quick Letters for your patients and referrals.

The Quick Letter can be easily sent from the Patient Lookup List, Patient Information screen, Patient Transaction screen and To Do List by following these steps:

  • Click on the Quick Letter icon
  • The File Selection window will appear. Just type a few characters from the filename to quickly go to that file.
  • Click on your choice. Click [OK].
  • You can always select a different filename from the file selection window! Note: Do not click on the Cancel button unless you want to exit the Quick Letter screen.
  • If you closed the File Selection window, click on the Open button on the menu bar to open it again.

The File Selection window will default to the WP folder. The “File name” box will contain the selected filename. The “File of type” box will default to RTF Files. MOGO saves all Word Processor documents in RTF format.

When a path is selected that is not the default WP path, you will be prompted if you wish to make the current path the default path for Word Processor documents.

Click here to learn more about Editing a Quick Letter.

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