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EMR Setup (FAQ)

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EMR Overview

How do I create an EMR template?
To create a new EMR template, you must first select EMR Template from the EMR menu and select the desired service code from the service code list. Next, you need to enter your template constants (or answers). This is what will display every time you document the service code. Once your constants are entered, we need to create the databases with your answers. To do this, click on the New Database button. On the window that pops up, give your database a name. This is what will display on the template before you begin your documentation. The separator field is required and is how EMR will handle displaying your answers if you choose more than one during documentation. You can choose to have just a period or comma, or to have a comma with the word and. The description and category fields are optional and help locate the databases on your list. After you have created the database, we will now add the actual answers. These are referred to as items, so to add them click on the New Item button. On this window, enter the answer in the description field and determine if you want to have this answer linked to an ADA code or letter file. Once your database is complete, you can insert it into your template by either double clicking on the database, clicking insert, or dragging the database directly onto the template. View an instructional video on EMR setup below.

(YouTube videos initially play at lower resolution. To improve video resolution follow the steps below)
After clicking Play, click the gear icon then the arrow next to Quality.

On the Quality menu, select the desired resolution. All MOGO Training/Help videos are full HD (1080p) but you can view them as lower HD resolutions to reduce buffering/loading time.

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