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Patient Lookup List – Appointment Menu

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Appointment on the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List has the following choices:

  • Scheduler [Shift-F3]
    •  Access MOGO’s Appointment Book.
  • Planner
    •  Access the Appointment Planner (the Appointment Book viewed in Monthly mode).
  • Office Flow [Shift-F12]
    •  Opens the Office Flow.
  • History
    •  Access a list of patient’s appointments.
  • Scan [Ctrl-N]
    • Search for open appointment time.
  • Waiting List
    • Open the Waiting List for appointments.
  • Appointment Goal Summary
    •  For daily and monthly appointment goals on a month-by-month calendar.
  • Add Patient to Waiting List
    •  Adds the selected patient to the Appointment Waiting List.
  • Online Appointment Request Management
    • Opens the Appointments tab of the Online Patient Management window.
  • Online Appointment Request Setup
    • Opens the Appointment Availability Setup tab of the Online Patient Management Setup window.

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