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Bulletin Board (FAQ)

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What is the Bulletin Board?
The MOGO bulletin board is the central hub that allows employees to clock in and out, access their message history and track employees. The Bulletin Board lists all of your employees and whether they are clocked in or out. It also shows the reason they’re gone so you can easily decide if you should wait, go find them, or get someone else. The Time Clock also integrates with the office messaging system. By turning on the “Follow Me” option, users can have their office messages delivered via text message or email when they’re out of the office.

How do I clock in and out using MOGO?
To clock in/out in the Bulletin Board you can either click on the appropriate button in the quick links bar or double click in the desired field (in or out) next to your name.

How do I access my clock in/out history?
If you would like to see your history of clocking in/out click on the clock icon to access the Office Communication System.

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