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Printing Receipts – Buttons and Print Preview Menu Bar

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The following buttons are found at the bottom of the Receipt window:

    • Contains the setup information for your printer.
    • Sends the Receipt to the current printer or to the screen, depending on the “Print to” option marked at the bottom of the Receipt window.
    • Accesses MOGO Help Knowledge Base.
    • Closes the Receipt window.

If you Print to Screen, you can change the top and left printout margins for Statements, Receipts, Appointment Cards, and Recall Cards (and the Denti-Cal insurance form) in order to conform to your printer.

  • Click on the  icon on the Preview screen after you “Print to Screen”.
  • The margins cannot exceed 3 inches. If you set the margins to more than 3 inches, you will receive a message regarding this limitation.
  • Changes made in the Options screen will automatically be saved for the next time you print a Receipt or Statement.

The menu bar on the Print Preview screen has the following options:

  • File
    • Page Setup… – The Page Setup option opens the Windows Page Setup dialog which allows you to change printer settings and preview them on the screen without printing.
    • Print…[Ctrl P] – The Print option opens the Windows Printer Selection dialog before printing.
    • Exit – To close the Print Preview screen.
  • Help
    • Contents – To go to MOGO’s Help Knowledge Base.

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