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MOGO Cloud (Azure) users have access to the Cloud’s browser-based companion – MOGO Online.

MOGO Online gives you access to virtually all of your MOGO data, from any internet capable device: including home PCs and laptops, Apple desktops and laptops, and even your smartphones and tablets!

Setup for MOGO Online is simple, and at least one of your logins is already setup! The setup for MOGO Online is the same as the setup to login and make payments for your Azure subscription payment each month.

To enable MOGO Online:

  • From the Patient Lookup List launch the Login Names screen by clicking the File menu and selecting Login Names. Then locate the login name you wish to grant access to MOGO Online to and highlight them.
  • If the user does not have access to MOGO Online, you will see this icon . If they have access you will see this .
  • To enable access click the Setup Cloud button.
  • On the Cloud Access Setup window, you need to ensure that the Employee, Home Email, Password, and Password confirmation fields all have a check mark next to them.
    • If the user name is not yet linked to an employee record, click the blue search icon to locate their name on the Employee list.
    • If the employee record does not contain a home email, you can simply type it directly into the field on the Cloud Access Setup window.
    • In order to access MOGO Online, the password entered must be at least medium strength.
    • Confirm the password by reentering it into the confirm field.
      • Note: the password entered in the Password/Confirm fields will be this login’s password for both MOGO Online and the MOGO program itself.
  • Once you see a check mark next to all four fields, the last step is to click the Enable button.  Once you do so, you will see this icon .
  • Click Save to save your changes.
    • Note: Unlike MOGO Server, you Do Not need to wait for a backup to run before your changes are saved to MOGO Online. As soon as you click save you have instant access to MOGO Online.

To log into MOGO Online, navigate to The link is also available at the top of the MOGO Homepage.

Enter your email address and password and click sign in.

MOGO Online gives you access to the following:

  • Your entire Appointment Book
    • Schedule new appointments, modify existing appointments, mark appointments as confirmed, cancel/reschedule/break appointments, and take the appointment through the Check In/Out flow.
    • The Appointment Book on MOGO Online utilizes the same color coding system for appointment types as your Appointment Book does in the program itself.
    • View patient’s Appointment History and Patient Pictures.
  • Your entire Patient List
    • Modify or create patients, link employer and insurance information, and view the patient’s family table.
  • Patient Transactions
    • View patient transactions and balances.
  • Patient Notes and Images
    • View or enter notes and access patient images – in all cabinets/folders!
  • Messaging
    • Send interoffice messages to users signed into the MOGO Program. Link messages to patient notes (if desired) the same way you would in the program.
  • Reports
    • View appointment, production, accounts receivable, and collection summaries.


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