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Statements – Explanation

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Click on the  icon on the Patient Lookup List to go to Reports. Statements are printed from the Accounts Receivable Merge Report.

Statements can be printed either by family or by individual.

You also can apply interest charges or a monthly service charge. And there is an option in Billing Setup to “Skip treatment with insurance pending” so that treatment with insurance pending does not appear on the statement.

Statements can either be printed or sent via e-mail. There will be a column on the Merge screen which will have the patient’s home and work e-mail addresses.

You can quickly view statements that were printed for a patient from their Notes.

Click on the  Notes icon to see the date and time the statement printed, as well as who was logged into the computer. In addition, the Notes screen will show the balance information that appeared on that statement! Notes is also available on the menu bar and throughout the program. You can add a personalized message for a patient through the Notes screen.

Since information on a statement is based on your Accounts Receivable Report, you must first generate your Accounts Receivable Report before printing statements.

You can also customize your Billing Setup screen for your office and enter billing messages that are specific for each aging period. Collection letters are optional and are selected in Billing Setup based on each aging period.

Before printing statements for the first time, you must customize your Billing Options and Statement Options. This is available from the Accounts Receivable Merge screen under Setup on the menu bar.

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