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Insurance – Copying ADA Codes into Insurance Plans

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The patient’s insurance plan can be updated from the patient’s Transaction screen. It can also be updated from the Patient Lookup List.

By copying ADA codes into a patient’s insurance plan window, you can then edit each code. For example, if the patient has a capitation plan, you will want to enter your fees for each service in the insurance plan window.

To copy a list of your ADA codes into a patient’s insurance plan, follow these steps from the Patient Transaction screen:

  • Click on GoTo from the menu bar
  • Click on Primary/Secondary Insurance Plan


  • Click on the letter P/S in remaining benefits box at the bottom of the screen.

The Primary/Secondary Insurance Plan window will appear.

  • Click on the  Edit Pencil icon to enable Group Plan editing
  • Click on the icon.
  • MOGO will ask “Are you sure you want to merge all to the current insurance plan?”
  • Click on [OK].

You will receive a message that will remind you that “The copied codes will not be saved to the insurance plan until modified”. When you escape from the Insurance Plan window, the codes that have not been modified will not be saved.

Tip: You can always copy the codes back in again if you need to continue modifying! Copying codes again will not overwrite codes that have already been modified.

You can now edit your fee, percentage and maximum amounts under the appropriate columns by following these steps:

  • Click under the columns you would like to modify.
  • Modify the information as necessary
  • Click on to save changes.
  • Click on  to exit the Insurance Plan screen.

By modifying benefits for one patient, you have modified benefits for everyone with the same employer, insurance company, and group number!

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