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The Word Processor icon is shown on the Patient Lookup List. It is under Documents on the menu bar in the Patient Information screen or Patient Transaction screen.

You can create customized tables in your document in order to enter information in a table format.

The following features are under Table on the menu bar:

  • Insert – Table from the sub-menu will open the Insert Table window. This allows you to select the number of rows and columns. The Insert menu option also includes Column to the Left, Column to the Right, Row Above, and Row Below. These options will be inactivated until you insert a table.
  • Delete – There are options to delete a Table, Column, or Rows. You will first select the table, column, or row and then click delete.
  • Select – The sub-menu includes Table, Row, and Cell. You will click in the table first and then select.
  • Merge Cells – Combines highlighted cells into one cell.
  • Split Cells – Splits combined cells into individual cells.
  • Split Table – The sub-menu includes Above and Below. This will allow you to split the table above or below your current cursor position.
  • Show Grid Lines – A checkmark here means that grid lines are visible for the table. Click to hide grid lines. If you cannot see your table, activate this option.
  • Properties – The Table Properties window includes tabs for Frame and Color, as well as Size and Formatting.
    • The Frame and Color tab is where you can select from None, Box, All, or Grid.
    • You can also select Line Width, Background Color, and Cell Margins (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right).
    • The Size and Formatting tab is where you can select Cell Height, Vertical Alignment, and the option to “Allow row to break across pages”.

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