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How to Enter the Employer and Insurance Information

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Insurance information is only entered on the Patient Information screen of the insured employee (subscriber) through the Employer database.

Insurance coverage is defined as an insurance company and group plan which is then linked to one or more employers.

You will click on the  Link icon at the Employer field on the Patient Information screen in order to link employer, insurance company, and group plans to the insured employee.

Insurance coverage is linked to other family members through the Family Table.

If you edit the insurance company name, address, or phone number for an existing insurance company a warning message will appear.

This message will contain the insurance company information before and after editing, as well as the number of patients affected who will be affected by this editing. If you choose to continue, you will be required to type “yes” before the changes are saved.

Note: You must have rights to “Change Employer, Insurance and Group Info” in order to edit insurance company information.

The following employer/insurance changes are saved in the patient’s  Notes:

  • If an insurance company is deleted from the insurance database, MOGO will save information regarding this deletion in the patient’s Notes. The Notes will save the login name of the user, as well as the date and time of the deletion. In addition, you can look in Notes to see the deleted insurance ID number and insurance company name.
  • If an insurance plan is un-linked or removed from an employer, MOGO will save information in the patient’s Notes. The login name of the user who removed the insurance company from the employer, as well as the date and time it was removed will be shown. In addition, you will see the insurance holder name and ID number, the employer name and ID number, the insurance company name, and the insurance group number. This will help you to re-enter information if a mistake was made.

You will enter insurance payments on the Transaction screen of the patient using the Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company to update insurance coverage and maximum information.

The patient’s remaining benefits can be changed and insurance claims can be processed from the patient’s Transaction screen.

The Insurance Online Eligibility interface allows you to link electronic insurance companies to your Insurance Company List by just clicking on a link icon. There is a new Payer ID field in the Insurance Company List, and the Eligibility column in the Appointment Monitor provides quick access to “real time” benefit verification!

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