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Daysheet by Comments

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The Daysheet report is accessed from the  Report screen and should be generated and printed at the end of every day.

The Daysheet by Comments is only shown if you have logged in as the Supervisor, or if you have been given “Supervisor rights”.

The Daysheet by Comments will only show patient’s who have had Comments or Notes entered for the selected date range. You can also generate this report for a selected provider or providers. When a provider is selected it is based on the login name that is shown in Notes for the documentation.

If you are using MOGO’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Quick Report Processor (QRP), this Daysheet would then contain all of the clinical notes that were entered for the day for the selected provider.

In order to show comments only for a specific provider, the Supervisor will need to select the provider name at the Actual Name field under Setup Login Names. The Daysheet by Comments can then be generated to show only the Comments or Notes that were entered by the selected provider. For example, the Supervisor can generate a Daysheet by Comments that would only show the Clinical Notes that were entered by a specific doctor or hygienist.

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