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Remaining Insurance Benefits

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The amount of remaining insurance benefits is automatically updated when an insurance payment is entered.

The remaining insurance benefit amount is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen:

  • P shows the amount of remaining primary benefits.
  • S shows the amount of remaining secondary benefits.

You can double click on this field (e.g., $1000.00) to change the remaining amount. For example, if the patient came to your office after using some of their insurance benefits elsewhere, you can edit the remaining amount.

This is important since MOGO will continue to estimate benefits for this patient as long as there are remaining benefits showing. This amount is also changed by MOGO as insurance payments are entered.

To change remaining insurance benefits:

  • Double click on the field. A window will open showing remaining insurance benefits, remaining deductible, and year to date benefits used.
  • Edit each field as needed.
  • If you change the remaining benefit amount, you will also need to edit the year to date field.

The changes you make are for this patient only and will not affect any other patients with the same insurance plan.

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