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Entering Insurance Payments

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Insurance payments are entered on the Patient Transaction screen and linked to lines of treatment. Insurance payments are linked to lines or treatment that have an insurance estimated amount due. Patient payments, such as cash, check, or charge are linked to lines of treatment that have a patient portion due.

Insurance payments can also be entered from the Past Due Insurance Claim reports.

Insurance benefits and remaining coverage amounts are updated by MOGO as insurance payments are entered. You can also change estimated insurance amounts manually for each line of treatment. When you update the insurance estimate for a treatment, MOGO will also update every patient who has the same plan! The next time you enter the same code for that patient or anyone with the same insurance plan (based on group number), the insurance estimate will be accurate.

You will have the option when you update insurance benefits to update either the coverage amount or the maximum for the insurance plan. The coverage option updates the insurance plan based on a percentage of the doctor’s fees. Updating the maximum will track the maximum dollar amount that this insurance plan will pay for the treatment. If the doctor’s fees are increased, the maximum amount will still be tracked.

You will also have the option to automatically distribute insurance payments, to enter insurance payments for more than the estimated amount, and to link insurance overpayments to patient or family balances.

Bulk insurance payments can be entered from Go To on the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List or from any Transaction screen.

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