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Transaction Screen Print Menu

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Print on the menu bar of the Transaction screen contains the following options:

  • Quick Letter
    • Prints a quick letter for the patient.
  • Quick Letter (Quick Access)
    • Prints a quick letter for the patient from the Quick Access database.
  • Envelope
    • Prints an envelope for the patient.
  • Route Slip
    • Prints the patient’s route slip.
  • Receipt
    • Prints a receipt for the patient.
  • Family/Patient Ledger
    • Prints a Ledger for the patient. If the patient is part of a family this will be a Family Ledger. If not, it will simply be a Patient Ledger.
  • Insurance Claim
    • Allows you to process insurance claims and pre-authorizations.
  • Treatment Plan
    • Print treatment plans for the patient. Note: These are the treatment plans created within the transaction screen.
  • Prescription
    • Print a prescription for the patient.
  • Laboratory Case
    • Create a lab case for the patient.

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