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The Word Processor icon is shown on the Patient Lookup List. It is under Documents on the menu bar in the Patient Information screen or Patient Transaction screen.

Tip: Point the cursor at an icon and a tool tips window will appear with a description of the icon!

The following icons are at the top of the Word Processor:


To open a new file. A blank white screen will appear with a flashing cursor.


  To open the File Selection window. You can now select an existing file. Note: A Microsoft Word document can be opened from here by selecting Files of type: Microsoft Word.


  To save a file. You can save any changes made to an existing file. If you click on save for a new file, you will be asked for a filename.


To delete the current selected document.


  To view how the document will appear when printed. If you have made any changes to margins you can click on Preview in order to see these changes. Note: If you are capturing an electronic signature, the Electronic Signature Pad will open when you select Print Preview.


  To print the current document.


  To delete or cut selected text. You must first click and drag to highlight the text to be cut. You could then Paste this text to a new location. Tip: If you change your mind, “undo” will bring it back if you have not saved the document again.


  To copy selected text. You could then Paste the copied text to a new location.


  To paste copied or cut text elsewhere. This is an editing feature which is used with the Copy or Cut feature.


  To undo editing. For example, if you cut or deleted text, you can click on Undo and it will return the text that was just deleted.


If you “Undo” something, “Redo” will bring it back.


 To open a search window so that you can find specific text. This would allow you to quickly find a word or text within a document.


 To activate Spell Check for the entire document.

Insert eSignature (Image Only)

 MOGO’s eSignature feature, along with digital documents, enhances your ability to go paperless by eliminating the need for storing, copying, and retrieving paper documents. The drop-down arrow next to this icon lists Insert eSignature (Image Only), Insert Secure eSignature Variable, and Secure eSignature Setup.


 To browse for an image to insert in the current document. Select the type of file by clicking on the drop-down arrow at the bottom of the screen next to “Files of type”.


 Enters the current date at the cursor position. The format will be day-of-week, month, day, and year (e.g., Wednesday, July 26, 2006).


 Enters the current time in hours, minutes, and seconds at the cursor position (based on your server time).


Headers and Footers can also be activated from View on the menu bar. A Header or footer is text or graphics that is usually printed at the top or bottom of every page in a document. A header is printed in the top margin. A footer is printed in the bottom margin.


To open the Merge List. The Merge list contains Merge Fields that you will use to customize your document.


To create or edit an EMR template.  Opens the Select Service Code window where you will select the service code whose template you wish to edit. Clicking the drop down arrow next to the icon will allow you to open the EMR Database window so you can add EMR databases to Quick Letter or QRP documents.


To go to MOGO’s Word Processor FAQ Knowledgebase page.

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