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MOGO Business Reports (FAQ)

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What are each of the reports for?

Accounts Receivable
The Accounts Receivable report provides complete financial information for your individual patients or families in an aged format. The Accounts Receivable Report is where you will go in order to print statements. For a detailed overview of the A/R report, view the help video below.

Power Sort
The Power Sort Report is a very powerful tool that will allow you to create your own customized reports based on the specific criteria that you require. For more information about the Power Sort, view the help video below.

Production Reports show all completed treatment for specific ranges. Production Reports can be generated for a specified date or dates, with or without patient names, and for a specific provider or providers. To learn how to generate a Production General Report, view the help video below.

Payment Summary
The Payment Summary reports show all completed payment codes. Payment Summary reports can be generated showing information for all providers or specific providers. To learn how to generate a Payment Summary Report for Collection, view the help video below.

Deposit Slip
The Deposit Slip can be generated to show either with or without Credit Card payments. This slip can be used to make your offices bank deposit.
Managed Care
The Managed Care-Plan Report is a very comprehensive report, which is based on each capitation insurance plan. The Managed Care-Plan Report does not show patient names. However, you can quickly access a more detailed report from the right click menu.
Referral Summary
The Referral Summary report will show you all patients referred to the office; either by visit date, treatment date, or referral source.
The Daysheet report is accessed from the Report screen and should be generated and printed at the end of every day. The Daysheet Business Summary at the bottom of Daysheets includes a breakdown of Charges, Payments, Adjustments, Discounts, Non-sufficient Fund checks, Reimbursements, Refunds, Billed Insurance, New Patients, and Patients Seen.
(Business) Analysis
The Business Analysis Report is a spreadsheet report and is accessed from the Daysheet Year Map by clicking on the Report button. It allows you to select a specific provider or all providers for individual and complete office totals, including Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date figures. The information on this report is based on the Daysheet. All Daysheets must be generated in order for the Business Analysis Report to be updated. For an overview of the Business Analysis Report, view the help video below.

Year Map
The Year Map will display as a calendar. This will allow you to see any dates that a Daysheet was not run for, or that changes were made after the Daysheet was generated.

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