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Multi-Office Shared Database Lists

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MOGO’s Multi-Office Location feature is very useful for practices that have more than one office location. It allows remote access to an office database from any of your other offices.

You can specify the location or locations in which you want the patient to appear from the Patient Location Setup screen.

The following database lists will be the same in each location:

  • Provider
  • Employer
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Plan
  • Family Head
  • Referral
  • Physician and Refer In/Out
  • Employee
  • Pharmacy

In addition to the database lists, the following Setup screens will be the same in each location:

  • Message
  • Billing Setup
  • Recall Setup

Receipts, insurance claims, and statements can include the name/address for the current location if you mark the “Location” option.  The office name/address will be based on the location information entered in Office Setup.

If would like more information on purchasing MOGO’s Office Location feature, please contact MOGO at 1-800-944-6646.


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