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Full suite of dental practice management communication tools for a customized, personalized and paperless experience.

Digital Communication System

MOGO’s Digital Communication Suite integrates email and fax into what is already an impressive set of tools for communicating with anyone including patients, referrals, insurance companies, and even employees.

MOGO’s Digital Communication Suite is an email client like Microsoft Outlook. You can send/receive email and add or view attachments just like any email client. However, there are a number of differences as well.

MOGO’s Digital Communication Suite works with personal email accounts, but it’s designed for shared access so you’re not limited to one computer. Any computer can be used to send and receive email. As new emails arrive, everyone in your office with sufficient security clearance is notified and they can respond quickly and efficiently. You get all of the benefits of a huge corporate email system without any of the setup or maintenance.

Some staff members communicate better than others. Once an email leaves your office, there’s no “unsend” button. What do you do when you need to ensure that everything leaving your office meets or exceeds your professional standards? Enable reviews and your outbound email will be sent to a review folder instead of flying out the door. Designate staff members as reviewers and they’ll receive notifications whenever there is an email waiting to be sent. From the review folder, they can read and approve emails right in the preview window making the process quick and easy. If necessary, they can also open and edit the original email before sending it out. Rest assured that nothing will leave your office until a reviewer says it’s ok.

Signatures are available for both the practice and the current user, allowing you to automatically add your business notices to all of your outbound emails while letting your employees add something personal as well. If you choose, you can even create custom signatures for each email account that you use.

The list of features goes on and on. The system scans emails as they arrive and includes them in your patient records automatically. Whenever you access that patient’s record, the email is right there. Quick Letters, the MOGO mail merge, can be sent as emails just as easily as they can be printed. Images from MOGO’s Imaging System can be attached or embedded in emails just like image files. And when you send an email to multiple recipients, it’s automatically saved to all of their records.

Create, customize, track and record communication to
other doctors, insurance companies, patients & staff.

Built-in Word Processor

MOGO is the only software to have a built-in word processor that provides customizable merge fields for letters to your patients. Because it’s built-in, you won’t have to buy a separate copy of expensive, 3rd party word processing software for each of your computers.

Dental Practice Management Software Built-in Word Processor Feature
Dental Practice Management Software Quick Letter mail merge feature

Quick Letter (mail merge)

The MOGO Word Processor lets you create your own professional templates that can later be used as Quick Letters. Hundreds of merge fields are available for you to give each template a completely personalized look and feel when it’s time to send it out. Do you want to welcome a new patient to your practice? Create a welcome letter or use the default template that is provided.

Have a few common or favorite letters? Add them to the Quick Access list to make them even easier to get to.

Create Templates in Dental Practice Management Software built-in word processor


Eliminate paper forms and create documents or contracts with eSignature. This integrated feature allows patients to complete and sign forms digitally using a signature pad or Tablet PC. Information is automatically available in your system with no paper forms to collect or scan into the computer, saving lots of time.

Dental Practice Management Software Image Esignatures

Messaging Follow Me

Send intraoffice messages between staff members regarding important patient care or staff meetings. If you step out of the office, ask your message to “follow you automatically according to your preference such as text or email. Patient or account related messages save to the patient’s record with date and time stamps.

Dental Practice Management Software Image Annotation feature


Create annotated images inside the MOGO program. Sending a chart to insurance companies is now much more thorough and simpler than ever before. With full customization of annotation boxes, including font, color, shape, and location, this system is a powerful tool that will make your day-to-day operations run smoother.

Dental Practice Management Software Image Annotation feature

Patient Notes

MOGO organizes your Patient Notes in three virtual cabinets; Patient, Clinical and Administrative.  We give you the option to view your notes and history from many modules within MOGO.  Review Quick Letters that were sent to your patient or check on a letter you sent to another doctor. Documents that have been signed electronically using MOGO eSignature and emails from the patient are permanently stored in the patient notes.  Patient information is tracked and recorded; patient statements, appointments, insurance modification, correspondences, faxes, clinical, treatment, even images by cabinet.

Dental Practice Management Software Image Patient Notes Feature
Every communication feature included in one affordable package.

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