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You can view and modify the Global Insurance Plan by clicking on GoTo on the menu bar from the Patient Lookup List.

MOGO’s Global Plan default will automatically estimate 100% on preventive, 80% on restorative, and 50% on major work.

It is usually not necessary to modify the Global Plan. You will be updating insurance coverage for individual plans as you enter insurance payments.

By modifying the global insurance plan, it will modify all insurance plans excluding customized codes. If you do modify the Global Plan at some time in the future, it will not overwrite the codes that have been edited for a specific plan.

The Global Plan will be shown in red in the individual patient’s Insurance Plan screen. Changes made to an individual Insurance Plan will be shown in black when you are viewing a patient’s Insurance Plan.

The “Copy Code” and “Copy Insurance Plan” buttons are not shown when you are viewing the Global Plan. These features are only used in the individual Insurance Plan screen. The Copy Code feature is mainly used with Managed Care Plans.

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