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Medical Transactions

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The Medical Transaction screen is available under View and Medical Layout on the menu bar on the Transaction screen.

When you select the Medical Transaction screen, all patients’ Transaction screen will then change to the Medical screen. You can change back to the Dental Transaction screen from any patient Transaction screen by clicking again on View and Dental Layout. All patients’ Transaction screens would then return to the Dental Transaction screen.

You can enter CPT codes and ICD codes on the Medical Transaction screen, and then print the HCFA claim form.

When CPT and ICD codes are selected for insurance processing from either the Dental or Medical Transaction screen, the HCFA form will automatically open. If you do not select either CPT or ICD codes, then the standard ADA form will open.

The option to “Claim all treatment on medical form” is on the insurance selection screen. However, by entering the codes on the Medical Transaction screen you will have columns of information that are not shown on the Dental screen. For example, there will be a column for Modifier and POS (place of service).

Diagnostic codes (ICD) codes will appear in gray on the Dental and Medical Transaction screens. The Diagnostic/Treatment Code Linking feature is used to link diagnostic codes to medical codes. You must use this feature in order for information to be shown in field 24-E on the HCFA form.

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