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Patient Lookup List – Printing Envelopes

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An envelope can be printed on a standard envelope to the home or business address for a patient, referral, physician, and to their primary and secondary insurance.

Envelopes are printed from the Patient Lookup List, Patient Information screen, Patient Transaction screen, ADA Insurance screen, Medical Insurance screen, To Do List, Statement Merge screen, Instant Recall, and Quick Letter, as well as from various database lists. For example, you can print an envelope from the Referral, Physician, and Refer Out database lists by clicking on the icon at the top of the database.

Tip: If you need to print a personal envelope, simply delete out the information on the screen and retype your own envelope! Information that is typed is not saved in the database.

You can also create your own envelopes. For example, you may want to customize the envelope due to smaller envelope sizes or to include your return address. Instructions for creating your own envelopes are in MOGO’s Word Processor under the filename of: INST_EL.RTF

To print an envelope to the patient from the Patient Lookup List:

  • Select the patient.
  • Click on Print from the menu bar
  • Click on Envelope.
  • The envelope window will appear with the following information:
    • Patient’s Name
    • Patient’s Address 1
    • Patient’s Address 2
    • Patient’s City, State and Zip
  • The buttons at the top will allow you to select envelope information for the patient’s Home, Business (employer), Referral, Physician, Insurance 1, Insurance 2, and Pharmacy. The selected button appears in red.

Tip: You can edit or delete and retype any information on this screen before sending the envelope to the printer.

Click on the Print button to print the envelope.

You can click on the Setup button to go to the Printer Setup.

You also have the option to mark the box “Print Return Address” to print the office business address. You can also mark either the Practice or Provider.

Mark the box to “Skip Preview” if you want to send the envelope directly to the printer without viewing first.

You can mark the box to “Include Title” and then select from either Personal or Professional. If there is no Professional title, MOGO will even ask if you would like to add one when you print the envelope!

Tip: You can change to a different printer by clicking on the Setup button.

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