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Electronic Insurance Claiming

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Sending claims electronically will save you time and money! Electronic Claims improves the turn-around time between when you send the claims and when you receive a response.

Prior to submitting claims electronically, you must first process the Electronic Claim registration form through MOGO.

If you would like further information regarding electronic insurance claiming, please contact MOGO’s Support Department at 1-800-944-6646 option 1.

Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon/WebMD) is the Electronic Claim clearinghouse that is used with MOGO.

Claims that are sent electronically are processed by being sent via the internet to a clearinghouse who then pass on your claims to the commercial and third-party payors.

A registration form can be printed by you from GoTo in the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List. Click on Print Registration Form. This registration form can then be sent to MOGO for processing.

The benefits of Electronic Claiming are numerous. You will find that Electronic Claiming:

  • Speeds up your payment time. On the average you can expect 7-14 days with a 98% acceptance rate.
  • Reduces paperwork time and errors. Human errors that normally occur if claims are completed manually are eliminated.
  • Lowers claims processing costs. The estimated cost per claim is about $4.00 each if processed manually (i.e., envelopes, stamps, staff time). Filing electronically is substantially less.


Electronic Claims – Batching
Electronic Claims – Viewing Batched Claims
Icons on the Electronic Claim View Window
Electronic Claims – Sending
Electronic Claims – Deleting

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