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Family Table – Explanation

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The   Family Table can be accessed from many areas of the program, such as the Patient Lookup List, Patient Information screen, and Transaction screen. You can also go to the Family Table from the Appointment Book, Recall, To Do List, and Accounts Receivable Report.

The Family Table is where insurance benefits for family members are assigned. You can even add a new non-family member to the Family Table in order to connect insurance coverage!

You can also enter individual Insurance ID numbers for each family member in the Family Table.

Note: Patients are automatically linked together in the Family Table by entering the same person as the Family Head in all family members’ Patient Information screens. The Family Head is the person who receives the statement.

The Family Table is a great feature to use to quickly find the date of the patient’s last full mouth or bitewing x-rays. This information will be shown for all family members in addition to last patient and insurance payment information!

You will find that you will use the Family Table often to quickly access important information for the entire family in one screen.

Purged patients will have an exclamation mark in the Account Status field in the Family Table.

There are icons across the top of the Family Table for the features that are available. Tip: Point to any icon and a popup window will describe that icon!

The following features can be used through the Family Table:

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