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Patient Information Screen – How to Access

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MOGO’s Patient Information screen can be accessed from nearly anywhere in the program. Anywhere you can select a patient you should see an icon to launch the Patient Information screen.

On the Patient Lookup List, after selecting a patient, click the Patient Information icon or press Shift-[F1]. From the other screens in MOGO you will see this icon    to open the Information screen.

The title bar at the top of the Patient Information screen will indicate the patient name, ID number, the ID number of the Family Head and the number of family members. The upper right corner will have the minimize and close buttons.

The Patient Information Screen allows you to enter medical alerts, address, billing, employer and insurance information. Enter as much information as necessary on this screen.

Shortcut to the Patient Information Screen: To quickly access the Patient Information screen from the Patient Lookup List, simply double click with the left mouse button on the highlighted patient.

Click here to see a sample of the Patient Information screen or here to review Frequently Asked Questions.


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