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   NEW PATIENT: To create a new patient, click this icon to search the database and proceed to creating your new patient.

   PATIENT INFORMATION: After highlighting your patient, click this icon to open that patient’s Information screen.

  TRANSACTION INFORMATION: This icon opens the highlighted patient’s Transaction screen.

  TREATMENT PLANNING MODULE: This icon launches the Treatment Planning Module for the highlighted patient.

  APPOINTMENT BOOK: The Appointment Book icon launches MOGO’s Appointment Book for scheduling and maintaining your patient appointments.

  OFFICE FLOW: The Office Flow, or Appointment Monitor, is a management tool used primarily by office managers and doctors to accurately track daily appointments and patient wait times.

  APPOINTMENT SCANNER: Use the Appointment Scanner icon to search for open time slots to schedule your patient’s appointments.

  DENTAL CHART: The Chart icon launches the Restorative Chart for the highlighted patient.

  IMAGE EDITOR: Capture, edit, and sort images in the Editor. The Editor is complete with all the editing tools needed to enhance and perfect your images.

  IMAGE CABINET: Images in MOGO are stored in one of six cabinets: Patient, Ledger, Letter, X-Ray, Oral, and Annotation. The Cabinet icon will access the Image Cabinets.

DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY: If you have a Bridge or Direct interface setup already, the X-Ray icon will launch the interface.  If not, the X-Ray icon will open the highlighted patient’s X-Ray Image Cabinet

 IMAGE TEMPLATES: The Template icon will open the X-Ray template, where saved X-Ray images can be filtered into the appropriate template.

 DOSE SPOT EPRESCRIPTIONS: MOGO has partnered with DoseSpot to provide you with an ePrescription interface.

 EMR CLINICAL CHART: You can view the highlighted patient’s saved EMR notes in chart form using the Clinical Chart icon.

 WHAT’S NEW: At MOGO, something AWESOME is always in the works.  From enhancements to brand new features, keep up to date with what changes have been made and what is on the horizon on the What’s New page on

 HELP: MOGO gives you an online knowledge base help system, complete with FAQs and Help videos, available at your fingertips from anywhere in the program. To launch the knowledge base click on the Help icon from anywhere in the program.

 CLOSE: The Close icon will close whatever screen you are on.  From the Lookup List this will close the entire MOGO program.

 NEW MESSAGE: Clicking on the New Message icon will open a new message window.  You can save the sent message to the highlighted patient’s notes as well.

 EMAIL INBOX: MOGO can be used as an email program to send and receive emails, similar to Outlook. Clicking the E-mail icon will open the Digital Communication Suite to the email inbox.

 FAX INBOX: When MOGO eFax is setup, the Fax icon will launch the Digital Communication Suite to the Fax inbox. eFax requires Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10.

 MOGO WORD PROCESSOR: MOGO offers a full word processor, which is accessed from the WP icon. The word processor allows you to create form letters and templates using the merge variables.

 QUICK LETTER: Documents created in the WP with merge variables can be generated and printed via the QLetter icon.

 PATIENT NOTES: The Notes icon will open the highlighted patient’s Notes Cabinet, where all saved notes can be accessed.

 ONLINE PATIENT MANAGEMENT: MOGO offers three Online Forms that patients can fill out before coming to the office. Those forms are Medical History, Patient Registration, and Appointment Request. The Online Pat. icon opens the Online Patient Management screen, which acts like an inbox for incoming forms.

 ONLINE MEDICAL HISTORY FORM: MOGO’s custom Medical History form is edited online. Clicking this icon will take you directly to the Medical History form webpage.

 ESIGNATURE OFFICE SETUP: The eSignature module allows you to capture patient signatures digitally and save them on documents, such as the Medical History form or the Treatment Plans created in the Restorative Chart.

 EREMINDER DASHBOARD: The Reminders icon opens the MOGO eReminder service. Through the MOGO eReminder service, users can send several types of automatic communication. For already scheduled appointments, confirmations and reminders can be sent to automatically update the corresponding appointment in MOGO. Patients who are due or past due for recall but who haven’t already scheduled an appointment can be sent reminders that they need to make a return appointment. MOGO can also send birthday reminders.

TRACKING AND FOLLOW UP LIST: The ToDo List contains trackers for Recall, Appointments, Birthdays, Incomplete Tx, Referrals, and Budgets.

  MOGO BUSINESS REPORTS: MOGO has several reports available from the MOGO business reports. Production reports, the accounts receivable, and deposit slips can all be generated and printed in the business reports module.

  MOGO UPDATE SERVICE: Periodically, MOGO releases new build updates, free of charge. MOGO can be setup to automatically check for updates, under the drop down menu, or you can manually check by clicking on the Updates icon.

  PHONE BOOK: The Phone Bk icon opens the Phone Book, which displays important contact information for the patient selected in the Lookup List.

  CREDIT CARD SERVICES: MOGO offers integration for merchant services through ChargeItPro. The Credit Card Services icon will launch the ChargeItPro interface setup screen.

  DAILY BULLETIN BOARD: The MOGO Bulletin Board allows employees to clock in and out, and access the Office Communication System, where they can see clock in/out history and request days off for sick or vacation time.

  AUTOMATED ROUTINE: The AR, or Auto Routine, is a collection of pre-made templates for prescriptions, lab slips, and PSR that MOGO sold to offices in the past. For those offices who had purchased the AR database, by clicking on the AR icon you can access these templates. The AR database is no longer for sale, so if you have not already purchased you may ignore this icon.  The AR icon will not be visible unless it was purchased when it was for sale.

(The following icon is only present on the Server version of MOGO)

  LABLINK: Lab Link is a case tracking system that allows you to send lab slips and monitor/update their progress.


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