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Patient Information – Adding a New Referral to the Database

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To add a new Referral source to the Referral database you have two options. Option 1 is to access the Referral List from the Go To menu on the Patient Lookup List. Option 2 is to access the Referral List via a patient’s Information screen.  On the Patient Information Screen, there are three buttons next to the Referred By field.  Once you have entered a referral, the first button (L) will display a list of all other patients referred by this source and the last icon (X) will remove the referral.  The middle button is what you will click to bring up the Referral List.

No matter how you get to the Referral List, the process of adding a new referral source is the same.

  1. Click on the New icon.
  2. On the New Referral window, search for the referral source’s name and click the magnifying glass (or press Enter on your keyboard) to search.
    • If your search returns no results, or if none of the matches are your desired referral source, click on Create New.
      • On the Referral [New Referral] window, enter as much information as you have for the new referral source. Click OK to save.
    • If your search returns results that match your desired referral source, highlight the desired name and click Select.
      • This will bring the name into the Referral List with the same information already entered in MOGO. For example, if an existing patient refers a new patient for the first time you can create their name as a referral source without having to enter all of their information. The referral source record will contain the same info as their patient record.

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