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Patient Lookup List – View Menu

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View on the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List has the following choices:

  • Alternating Row Style
    • Changes the look of the Lookup List by highlighting each alternate line in a soft blue to help distinguish between patient records.
  • Advanced Patient Info
    • To help increase loading time (specifically on MOGO Cloud) certain fields are considered Advanced and can be hidden by deselecting this option. The fields that are displayed when Advanced Patient Info is checked are:
      • Provider
      • Family Head
      • Referral
      • Employer
      • Insurance
      • Next Appointment Date
      • Next Appointment Location
      • Recall 1 (due date)
      • Recall Last Activity
      • Employer 2
      • Employer 3
      • Employer 4
      • Physician 1
      • Physician 2
  • Hide Purged Patients
    • When checked off, purged patients will be hidden.
  • Font…
    • Change the font type, size, and color of the Patient Lookup List.
  • Notes
    • Display the Notes cabinets at the bottom of the Lookup List
  • Patient Pictures
    • Display the patient’s picture as a popup when selected on the Lookup List (provided the patient has a picture assigned as their Pat Pic).
  • Watch
    • Display watch notes upon selecting patients who have a watch note.

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