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Family Active Transactions

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The Family Active Transactions can be accessed if family members have a balance on each of their Transaction screens.

All family members with balances will be listed by name and a running balance will be indicated. You can be on any family member’s Transaction screen when you view the Family Active Transactions.

Two additional columns displaying Name and Running Balance will be added to the Transaction screen. The amount in Running Balance is only the balance from the Active Transaction screen for the family. It does not include treatment or payments that are in History.

Note: If a family member has an “S” in their Account Type, they will not be shown.

To access the Family Active Transactions from a Patient Transaction screen:

  • Click on Patient.
  • Click on Family Active Transactions [Ctrl-F].

To return to the current patient only:

  • Click on Patient.
  • Click on Patient Active Transactions [Ctrl-F].

To print the Family Ledger from a Patient Transaction screen, Patient Information screen, or from the Patient Lookup List:

  • Click on Print from the menu bar.
  • Click on Family Ledger.
  • Click on the calendar icon to change Starting Transaction Date and Ending Transaction Date.
  • You have an option to Print to Screen.
  • Click on the Setup button to go to the Printer Setup.
  • You can Sort by: Date, Patient, or Dr. Initial
  • Click on the Printer button to print the ledger.

When you print a ledger for a patient or family, the ledger will show patient names, services and fees, payments, discounts, and running balance information. It will also payments, refunds, and reimbursements at the bottom of the ledger.

Remaining budget balance will also be shown at the bottom of the ledger for patients who are on Budget Plans.

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