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Transaction Merge Wizard

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 Any letter in the Word Processor can be instantly merged with a patient by printing it as a Quick Letter.

The Transaction Merge Wizard will merge transactions from the Patient Transaction screen with a letter that you create in MOGO’s Word Processor. Once you have created the letter using the Transaction Merge Wizard, it can be printed to any patient as a Quick Letter.

You will use Word Processor Merge Fields in order to customize the letter for individual patients, such as patient name and last visit date.

As an example, you can create a letter with MOGO’s Transaction Merge Wizard to send to a referring doctor listing treatment that was done, as well as future treatment. Once you have created the letter, it can be printed for any patient and it will be saved in their patient Notes for easy reference.

When you use the Transaction Merge Wizard, it will appear in a table format.

The grid lines in the table will be displayed in the Word Processor document, but they will not print.

The top title bar of the Transaction Word Wizard table will be highlighted in grey when the documented is printed as a Quick Letter. You will not see this grey highlighting when you are in the Word Processor.

In addition, you can create a letter containing more than one Transaction Merge Wizard. The table can always be resized either within the Word Processor or even when individual letters are printed!

There is a limit of 5 Transaction Merge Wizards per document.

Note: If you decide to make changes after creating your letter, you must open up the Transaction Merge Wizard. You can do this by just clicking in the transaction table that was created and selecting Tool and Transaction Merge Wizard from the menu bar. The information that appears is for the existing table.

To create a letter that includes a Transaction Merge Wizard:

  • Create the body of the letter using Merge Fields as needed.
  • Click to position the cursor where you would like to insert the Transaction Merge Wizard table.
  • Click on Tools from the menu bar and select Transaction Merge Wizard. The window that opens will contain fields of information as well as instructions for each step at the bottom of the window. There will be 4 steps that you will follow and you will be clicking on the Next button to go to the next step.

Step 1 – Select Display Fields
Step 2 – Select Criteria
Step 3 – Setup Criteria
Step 4 – Format Display
Editing an Existing Table
Tips for the Transaction Merge Wizard

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