Front Desk Features
Nail the first impression without a second thought.

MOGO provides a great experience at the front desk for smooth appointment flow and efficiency from start to finish.

From patient check in to check out, MOGO dental management software provides everything needed to make your front office function with ease and efficiency. Traffic to the front desk and time spent there will be drastically reduced!

Dental Practice Management Software Easy Online Patient Forms

Online Patient Forms

Save front desk time and attract more patients with MOGO’s online forms. Patients can register, request appointments, and fill out a medical history form. Patients can access secure forms from home with an access code provided by your office. Or forms can be filled in electronically in the office by kiosk or tablet. Capture the patient’s signature upon arrival using MOGO’s biometric eSignature feature.

Dental Practice Management Software Easy Online Patient Forms

Online Appointment Request

You won’t have to play phone tag with your patients when it’s time to set up an appointment. Even when your office is closed, patients can log on and request an appointment.

Dental Practice Management Software Easy Online Appointment Request Feature
Dental Practice Management Software Online Appointment Request Feature

Online Patient Registration

This highly requested feature will save time for both you and your patients. It will eliminate paperwork, illegible handwriting, and cut down patient traffic at the front desk. Best of all, the patient info is automatically imported into MOGO (once you confirm it) so you won’t have to manually enter registration data into the system.

 Dental Practice Management Software Online Medical History Feature

Online Medical Form

Online Medical History Forms can be filled out by patients from home—and will automatically and securely integrate with your MOGO dental practice management software upon your review and confirmation.

Secure Online Medical History Feature in Dental Practice Management Software
Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software Online Forms Management

Online Forms Management

Simply review and confirm received online patient registration forms and they are automatically imported into the patient records so you won’t have to manually copy registration data into the system.

Medical history
Assess and save vital information automatically to the patient record and set any patient’s medical alerts.

Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software Online Forms Management


Send Appointment Reminders, Appointment Confirmations, Reactivate Past Due Recall Patients and Send Birthday Wishes via text message or email for free.

The eReminder system takes some of your most time-consuming office tasks and rolls them into one simple automated process. Recall cards, appointment confirmations, birthday cards and appointment reminders are automatically sent to patients with email addresses or mobile phone numbers. And even though eReminders are fully automated, you can completely customize the process to fit the needs of your office. You can even disable the full-blown automation if you want fine control over when or how many of each type of eReminder is sent. Are you short-staffed today? Appointment confirmations and reminders aren’t a problem, but Recall cards generate more calls than you can handle as patients try to schedule appointments. You can send some out in the morning, send some more out in the afternoon, and leave the rest for tomorrow.

Every day, MOGO dental management software provides a list of patients who need to be contacted through traditional methods. Each patient is clearly labeled so you know at a glance why they’re on the list. If they’re missing an email address or cell phone number, you can get that information while you have them on the phone. If eReminders were sent and the patient never responded, you know that too so you can confirm the information you have on file. Of course, patients who opt-out of eReminders are also displayed on this list.

Best of all, everything you need is built into the program so there are no extra modules to buy, no monthly fees, and no 3rd parties accessing your data.

Other companies charge $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 annually to send reminders and greetings electronically, which cuts into your profit margin. You also have to leave both your database and internet firewall wide open to allow outside access making your data vulnerable.

There are NO EXTRA FEES or third-party companies to deal with, patient communication is at its best, most efficient, and secure with MOGO’s integrated eReminders.

With a customized setup, you may automatically send your reminders any time of the day.

Choose from texting, email, letters, postcards, or even voice reminders, everything is automatically tracked and individually saved to the patient record. Patients’ confirmations are automatically retrieved and marked so you can see at a glance which patients have confirmed their appointments before the beginning of the day.

The new automated Voice Reminders will call patients to remind them of appointments and when it’s time for a cleaning! Just set up your script and let Voice Reminders make the calls for you!

Appointment Confirmations
After the appointment is scheduled, setup eReminders to automatically send out a reminder email or text message to remind patients of the upcoming appointment. Once the patient confirms the appointment by clicking on the CONFIRM button, it is automatically updated in your appointment book.

Electronic birthday cards are a simple way to maintain contact with your patients between appointment.

Cost Effective Dental Practice Management Software Electronic Reminder feature
Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software eReminders

Once the patient confirms the appointment by clicking on the CONFIRM button, it is automatically updated in your appointment.

Insurance Eligibility

MOGO’s HIPAA Compliant eEligibility feature allows you to link electronic insurance companies to your Insurance Company list by simply clicking on a link icon. The Eligibility column in the Appointment Monitor provides quick access to “real time” eligibility verification.

Key Benefits of eEligibility

  • Instantly verify insurance eligibility for your patients directly   through MOGO
  • Save time by checking eligibility before your patients arrive
  • Direct integration within MOGO provides the added benefit of visually seeing which patients are covered, which will help you properly collect
Dental Practice Management Software Legally Binding Patient esignature feature

Patient eSignature

Most other practice management systems do not have a legally binding signature. MOGO’s eSignature feature stores and encrypts the contents of any document. We use biometric data methods, such as measured pressure, speed, and stroke, making the document legally binding. Best of all, you can setup a timeframe to remind you to obtain an updated signed form.

Dental Practice Management Software Legally Binding Patient esignature feature


Send either audible or silent messages to operatories when patients have arrived with their current location within the office. Keep an eye on patient wait times and let the program remind you if they have been waiting too long for their appointment.

Dental Practice Management Software Patient arrival announcement feature
Dental Practice Management Software intraoffice messaging system

Message Display

Intraoffice messaging prevents missed patient care. Receive instant notification while in the operatory from the front desk regarding the patients. Insure that you address important issues before the patient leaves your office such as missed payments or follow up appointments.

 front desk message display for Dental Practice Management Software

Check Out

Prompt for Treatment
As your patients are checked out, MOGO dental practice management software reminds you to enter the treatment so that you won’t forget to enter any service codes.

Submit Insurance
Print or send your insurance claims electronically. Add x-rays and other attachments through NEA if required. MOGO dental practice management software will remind you if you forget.

Your recall is automatically tracked in MOGO for both normal cleanings and periodontal work, but you can track anything that you find useful. MOGO users routinely setup things like 5 year crowns and 3 year FMX. Whenever a code that’s being tracked by recall is entered, you’ll receive a confirmation window letting you know what the recall period is and when the patient is due. One click takes you directly to that date in the scheduler with the current patient pre-selected so you can book their next appointment.

Next Appointment
Even if the service isn’t tracked by recall, it’s easy to schedule the patient’s next appointment. One click opens the scheduler with the current patient preselected so you can browse for an opening. Or you can use the Appointment Scanner to search for an opening that matches what your patient wants.

Get your patient’s portion while they’re still in the office. While you’re checking out the patient, MOGO clearly displays both the individual and family balances as well as how much is expected to be paid by insurance. You’ll be ready to answer any questions because MOGO’s check distribution lets you see exactly how much of a payment was applied to any service.

Print or Email your walk out statement for your patient that includes the next appointment dates for their entire family. Confirm or update when this patient should receive a full statement.

feature-rich check out system for Dental Practice Management Software

Every feature included in one affordable package.

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