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Posting Transactions to History

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After treatment is completely paid you will send it to History. You will also send completely distributed payments to History.

Click on File from the menu bar, then Post Transactions. You can also use [Ctrl-P] from the keyboard.

A selection window will open containing the completed and paid in full transactions as well as payments that have been completely distributed. The insurance and patient portions must be completely paid or the treatment will not appear on the window.

This window will also show insurance claim codes. Note: You probably do not want to send these to History until the insurance payment has been received.

Select the transactions you wish to post and they will be sent to the History screen. You can also use [Ctrl-P] from the keyboard.

You can click to select each line separately, or you can click on the Select All button to select all transactions.

Note: If you send payments to History before you send the treatment, the History Total field on the Transaction screen may show a credit until you also send the treatment to History.

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