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Appointment History

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 The MOGO Appointment Book can be accessed from the Patient Lookup List, the Patient Information screen and the Patient Transaction screen, as well as from other areas of the program by clicking on the  Appointment icon or from the menu bar.

An Appointment History screen can be accessed for a selected patient from the Patient Lookup list, Patient Information, Patient Transaction screens, and when viewing the To Do List. This would be a very quick and easy way to find an appointment that you need to reschedule!

There is also an  Appointment History icon in many areas of the program.

If you click on the Edit button on the patient’s Appointment History screen, the Appointment Editor will open. You will see detailed appointment information and you can edit directly from this screen. You can even change the date and time of the appointment!

Note: The Appointment History icon is also shown in the Reports toolbars (e.g., Accounts Receivable and Referral Summary Merge). However, the Edit button is not available from Reports.

  • Click on Appointment on the menu bar.
  • Click on History.

Tip: You can quickly open the Appointment History by double clicking on the Next Appointment field on the Patient Lookup List!

The Appointment History screen will list the patient’s name, ID, date of their appointment (and day of the week), start time, end time, doctor initials, operatory, Appointment Type (Dr. Appointment, Recall, or Unknown), and Status (i.e., broken or canceled), and Description (the appointment’s Procedures/Notes).

The appointment date column will also contain the day of the week. Tip: Click and drag to increase the column width so that you can see the day.

The Appointment History screen will have a status column that will show if the appointment has been cancelled, broken, rescheduled or sent to the Waiting List. Deleted appointments do not appear in the Appointment History screen.

The Supervisor can edit the status of an appointment directly from here by clicking with the right mouse and selecting “Mark Appointment As”. You must be logged into the computer as the Supervisor or have Supervisor rights in order to do this.

The appointments will appear in red if they are past dates, green if they are current dates, and black if they are future dates.

You can print the patient’s Appointment History from this screen by clicking on the Print button. You can also go directly to an appointment by first selecting the appointment and then clicking on the Edit button (if you want to edit the appointment) or the Appt. button (if you want to open the Appointment Book to the date of the appointment).

The Supervisor can cancel, break, reschedule and delete appointments directly from the patient’s Appointment History screen. This will also modify the appointment status for the selected appointment.

Click with the right mouse in the Appointment History screen and you can “Mark appointment as” Cancel, Broken, Reschedule or Delete. You will also be given the option to send the appointment to the Waiting List.

Tip: When a patient calls to change an appointment, just highlight their name on the Patient Lookup List, select Appointment History from the menu bar, and click with the right mouse to modify the appointment!

The following buttons are at the bottom of the Appointment History window:

  • Print – To print the Appointment History for this patient.
  • Appt – To go to the highlighted appointment in the Appointment Book.
  • Edit – To open the Appointment Information screen. You can change the date and time of the Appointment from this area.
  • Close – To exit this screen.

If you edit the date and time of an appointment from the Appointment History screen, information such as the login name of the user and dates and times will be saved in the patient’s Notes.

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