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Insurance – Updating the Insurance Plan

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The Insurance Plan window will contain the Global Plan until it is updated. MOGO’s Global Plan estimates 100% on preventive, 80% on restorative, and 50% on major work. The Global Plan will be shown in red in the individual Insurance Plan.

The deductible is based on either a coverage percentage or the remaining dollar amount, depending on what was entered under Insurance in Office Setup.

When the insurance plan is updated, these amounts will change and will then be shown on the insurance plan window.

When you update the insurance, you can update either the maximum or the percentage.

  • Updating by maximum is used when the dollar amount is the maximum that will be paid by insurance. The next time you enter the same treatment, the insurance estimate will be the maximum dollar amount. Keep in mind, that if you increase your office fees, the maximum dollar amount remains the same.
  • Updating by coverage percentage is based on a percentage of your usual fee.

By modifying benefits for one patient, you have modified benefits for everyone with the same employer, insurance company, and group number!

Updating from the Patient Transaction Screen
Updating from the Patient Lookup List
Icons on the Insurance Plan Window
Columns on the Insurance Plan Window
Editing Insurance Plan Percentages

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