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Employer has Changed Insurance

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Employer/Insurance information is entered on the Patient Information screen.

To avoid affecting all patients who may have this same insurance company, do not use the  Edit icon next to the Employer or Plan fields on the Patient Information screen. You will receive a warning message if you do this. The message will let you know how many patients will be affected.

Note: The Supervisor can assign rights modify employer, insurance and group linking when setting up login names and passwords.

To change the insurance company for this patient’s employer, follow these steps:

  • Go to the subscriber’s (insured employee) Patient Information screen.
  • Click on the  Link icon next to the Plan field. The Select Insurance Plan screen will open.
  • Click on the  Un-Link icon on the Select Insurance Plan screen to remove insurance coverage for all subscribers and their family members.
  • MOGO will let you know how many patients are subscribed to that plan through the employer. You will have three options:
    • Cancel will exit the unlinking without saving any changes
    • Yes will unlink the insurance plan from the employer without replacing it with a new one
    • No will allow you to select a replacement plan from the list (you can also create a new plan from the list if necessary)

If insurance coverage is removed or changed, MOGO will save the user login name, as well as the date and time, in the patient’s Notes for future reference. Information regarding the original and new coverage, such as the subscriber, employer, insurance company, and group number, will also be saved in Notes.

Information is saved in Notes if you do the following:

  • If you click on the  Unlink icon at the Employer field and select Replace.
  • If you click on the  Unlink icon at the Employer field and do not Replace.
  • If you click on the  Link icon at the Plan field on the Patient Information screen and select a different insurance company.
  • If you connect insurance coverage from a non-family member through the Family Table.
  • If you delete an insurance company.

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