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Image Template (FAQ)

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What does the red triangle on images mean?
When viewing templates, you are looking at the most recent image saved in the corresponding folder in the image cabinet. If there is more than one image in a folder, the image in the template will have a red triangle in the upper left corner. If you click on it the Compare View window will open allowing you to look at the newest image and compare with any older images from that folder.

What is the difference between ‘Application Defined’ and ‘User Designed’?
There are several image templates included with the MOGO program. These are referred to in the program as ‘Application Defined’. These templates cannot be edited directly. When editing an Application Defined template you are actually creating a new template, which is referred to as a ‘User Designed’ template.

(YouTube videos initially play at lower resolution. To improve video resolution follow the steps below)
After clicking Play, click the gear icon then the arrow next to Quality.

On the Quality menu, select the desired resolution. All MOGO Training/Help videos are full HD (1080p) but you can view them as lower HD resolutions to reduce buffering/loading time.

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