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Changing Margins

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To change margins for a document:

  • If it is an existing file, click on the  Open icon and select the filename.
  • Go to File and Page Setup on the menu bar.
  • Enter the margins in inches for left, right, top, and bottom.
  • Click [OK]

Tip: You can access a list of the most recent files opened on this computer from File and Recent Items on the menu bar!

When you create documents, do not press the [Enter] key at the end of a line unless you are starting a new paragraph. It is important that a document does not contain any extra hard-coded “paragraphs” since if you change margins or resize the document, it will still “read” that paragraph.

To see your paragraph markings, click on the  Show-Hide icon which will show paragraph and spacing flags. You can then delete out any extra paragraph symbols.

You can also indent a paragraph or section of a document by highlighting only text you want to indent. Click on Options and Paragraph from the menu bar and enter Left and Right indentation for the selected paragraph.

Click on Save  to save your changes.

Click here to learn about Tabs.

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