MOGO Azure Discovery

Take your first step towards The MOGO Cloud!

For existing MOGO Server-based clients the first step is to determine if The MOGO Cloud is right for you. MOGO has created a simple utility for you to download and run that will check all of the important information regarding going to The Cloud. The discovery will check the size of your MOGO databases, test your internet connection speeds, determine if you are using any digital imaging or 3rd party integrations, give you a list of The MOGO Cloud’s hardware requirements, and even let you tell us when you want to be up and running on the Cloud!

The discovery is free and you can run it whenever you want, however many times you want! You must be running Version 15* or higher for the discovery to properly assess your data. Likewise, the discovery will only run on computers running Windows 7 or higher. If you are running an older version of MOGO, or if your computers are not at least Windows 7, no problem! Give one of our Software Specialists a call to schedule a manual Azure Discovery at 800-944-6646 today. You should also give us a call if you aren’t a MOGO user yet but are interested in The Cloud.

Once the Azure Discovery is complete and you have submitted it to MOGO a Software Specialist will be in contact to discuss the next steps. Make sure to provide your contact name and the best phone number where you can be reached.

To run the discovery, click on the Cloud button below. Depending on your browser you will either need to say Run, or Save the file and run it from your downloads folder. See below for browser specific instructions.

*(If you run the Azure Discovery on MOGO data below Version 15 or if you do not have MOGO installed be aware the pricing information provided will not reflect your actual data size or user requirements.)

Click on the Cloud below to start the MOGO Azure Discovery.

See below for instructions on how to run the MOGO Azure Discovery.

Select your browser:
Edge/Internet Explorer

After Clicking the Azure Discovery button you will be prompted to either Run or Save. Click Run.




After Clicking the Azure Discovery button you will see the downloading dialog.

Once the download has completed, click on the AzureDiscovery.exe to run.

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