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Patient Lookup List (FAQ)

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How do I setup security for MOGO Cloud?
The All-New Cloud security features are held in 3 screens. First, from the Lookup List, click on the File menu and select Office Setup. Click on the Security tab and check off the option for emailing unauthorized login attempt notifications, also enter the email you would like the notifications sent to. Next, go to the File menu once again and choose Computer Setup & Security. On this list, you will see all computers that have accessed your database through the Cloud. By highlighting a computer name and clicking edit, you will see an option to tell the program whether that computer is in your office or at another location. Finally, from the Lookup List click on the Go To menu. Under Go To select the Employee list. Select the employee you wish to edit and click the edit pencil icon. From the Employee Information screen, you can set that employee to be able to log into any computer or just those computers that are designated in the office. If you give them access to all computers you will then want to decide if they should have access at all times or only on a set schedule. If you would like to limit the employee’s login schedule check off the Limit user login hours option and click on the Setup Limit Hours link. On the following screen, click to select or deselect the days and times that the employee is allowed to log in. Learn more about MOGO Cloud’s security features by watching the help video below.

How do I make my monthly MOGO Cloud payment?
As a MOGO Cloud user, you can submit your monthly payment through our online portal. You will need the registered email address and password to submit your payment. It is important to pay attention to the traffic light at the bottom right hand corner of the patient look up list. When the traffic light is red, you need to submit a payment immediately as you have less than a week remaining on your subscription. Yellow means that you have 2 weeks to make a payment for your MOGO Cloud subscription. For an overview on making your monthly payment, view the video below.

Can I do electronic prescriptions in MOGO?
Absolutely! MOGO has a built in interface with DoseSpot to provide the ePrescription capability. The interface pulls your patient information directly from the program to make your ePrescription writing quick and easy. Learn more about the DoseSpot ePrescription interface by checking out our Overview video below. To sign up for the DoseSpot interface, speak with a MOGO support technician by calling us at 800.944.6646 or download the Registration form and fax it to support.

What is an Explosion Code for and how do I create one?
An Explosion Code is a service code that lets you enter in one code but have multiple codes get entered at once. For example, you can add the code EXAM and have the prophy exam code and the full mouth series xray code get entered automatically. To learn how to create an Explosion Code, and to see one in action, view the quick help video below.

Can I process credit card payments directly in MOGO?
You absolutely can process credit card payments directly in MOGO. We have partnered with ChargeItPro to provide you with a direct interface for processing payments. Call MOGO support today at 800.944.6646 option 2 to get more information and to sign up. In the meantime, see an overview of the MOGO/ChargeItPro interface below.

Can I check a patient’s insurance eligibility through MOGO?
One of our missions at MOGO is to make your day-to-day operations easier and more efficient. This is why we partner with Change Healthcare (the same company that provides eClaims) to give you a built in eligibility interface. Watch the quick overview video below to learn all about the eligibility feature. Then, sign up for eEligibility by speaking with a MOGO support technician by calling us at 800.944.6646.

How do I enter a new patient?
New patients can be entered using the New Pat. icon located at the top of the Lookup List. Search for the patient by name and mark as either new or emergency. You can also search the Lookup List by patient name and click enter, if the patient is not found in the database the program will allow you to enter them as new or emergency. To learn more about entering new patients in MOGO, view the help video below.

How do I search the Patient Lookup List?
There are several ways that you can search the LUL. The first is to simply start typing a patient’s last name, which will automatically search the ‘Last Name’ column. You can search by all of the other fields in the LUL by clicking on the field and typing in your criteria. A unique feature of the LUL is that you can search by more than one column to narrow your search even more. To learn more about searching the lookup list, view the help video below.

How do I adjust the layout of the Lookup List?
The Lookup List can be customized to your preferences. To change the order of the columns, simply click and drag the blue column header to the desired position. To adjust the size of the columns drag the right side of the header left or right to the desired size. You can also close columns you do not wish open by minimizing the size all the way to the left. For more information about adjusting the lookup list’s layout, view the help video below.

What do the icons on the Lookup List do?
Click here to view a list of the icons on the Lookup List and their functions.

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