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Icons on the History Screen

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The following icons are in the toolbar at the top of the Transaction History screen:

  •   Un-Post – To send lines of treatment or payments back to the Transaction screen. You can un-post one line of treatment at a time, or you can use the Multi-Selection Feature to select more than one line by clicking in the gray boxes. You will first click on the line of treatment and then click on the Un-Post icon. Tip: You can also click with the right mouse for a popup menu and select Un-Post.
    • Since transactions cannot be edited on the History screen, you will need to un-post in order to edit them from the Transaction screen. After making necessary changes, you can then post the transactions back to the History screen.
    • The rights to un-post treatment from History is set up in the Setup Login Name area. This is accessed from the Patient Lookup List under File and Setup from the menu bar and can only be accessed by the Supervisor.
  •   Budget Plan – To open the Budget Plan Setup screen.
  •   Printer Setup – To access the Printer Setup. Depending on your printer, you can change printers and access Properties. Tip: You may want to change to Landscape before printing the Transaction History.
  •   Print – To print the History screen. Before printing the History screen, you may want to mark the boxes at the bottom of the screen so that the printed History contains the information you need. Tip: Make sure you “unmark” the boxes before leaving the History screen since the settings will be saved for all patients until you change them.
  •   Ledger – To print a Family Ledger. A window will open so that you can select Starting and Ending Transaction Dates. You can also select to sort by Date, Patient, or Dr. Initial. This is the same ledger that would be printed from Print and Family Ledger on the Transaction screen menu bar. It does not depend on how you are viewing the History screen, but will show all treatment between the Starting and Ending Transaction Dates that are selected.
  •   View History from MOGO DOS – This is only used by offices who have converted from MOGO DOS To MOGO Windows in order to view transactions that were entered in the MOGO DOS program.
  •   Help – To access MOGO’s Help.
  •   Close – To exit this screen.

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