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MOGO will keep track of when your patients arrive in the office, when they are seated in the operatory, and when treatment begins when you use the Appointment Monitor [F-12] screen.

You will see the  Appointment Monitor icon in many areas of the program. For example, it is on the Transaction screen and in the Appointment Book. There is also an icon    on the Patient Lookup List.

Tip: Press [F-12] on the keyboard to quickly open the Appointment Monitor.

There are many features available from the Appointment Monitor screen. MOGO will calculate the waiting time and color code the columns if the patient has been waiting more than 15 minutes, for example. You can document clinical notes from here, activate the Patient Information and Patient Transaction screen, enter treatment, schedule appointments, refer patients out, print insurance forms, and send a Quick Letter, as well as many other features.

MOGO’s eReminders® is an automated system for sending text message and e-mail appointment confirmations and reminders to your patients directly from the Appointment Monitor or Appointment Book. Their responses will be sent to your office throughout the day via e-mail. Tip: Point your cursor to the eReminder field to see an eReminder status for the patient, along with a Legend. The Legend will explain each symbol that is shown in the eReminder field.

The Insurance Online Eligibility interface allows you to link electronic insurance companies to your Insurance Company List. You can then verify insurance eligibility directly from the Appointment Monitor by double clicking on the Eligibility field.

MOGO’s eSignature feature provides the dental professional with the security of a legally binding document. HIPAA privacy forms, treatment plans, prescriptions, and financial agreements are all securely saved for instant access. Patients can be prompted for signatures whenever they are checked in from the Appointment Monitor. This will avoid forgetting to have patients sign those important documents!

You can view detailed appointment information from the Appointment Monitor screen, as well as from the Waiting List. This is shown in the same yellow popup window that you see in the Appointment Book. When you point the mouse cursor to the patient name, the yellow popup window will display information such as the treatment codes that were selected, the appointment type, and the start and end times of the appointment. This is a quick way to see appointment information at a glance.

Keep the operatory informed by using the Appointment Monitor screen! The Announcement Setup is used to send an Announcement to the operatory when the patient has checked in through the Appointment Monitor [F-12]. The Announcement can also be sent when today’s appointment has been marked as canceled or broken in either the Appointment Book or the Appointment Monitor.

You can print out the Appointment Monitor from Print and Appointment Monitor on the menu bar. Tip:You may want to resize or hide columns, or include future appointments, before printing.

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