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Appointment Planner

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The Appointment Planner will give you a quick one, two, three or four week overview of available and appointed times. You can access the Appointment Planner from the menu bar on the Patient Lookup list or from the Appointment Book.

The  Appointment Planner icon is available in many areas of the program.

The Appointment Scheduler and Planner can be minimized so that they are quickly available on your taskbar!

You can go directly to the Appointment Book from the Planner in order to schedule an appointment. Just click on a specific day on the Calendar to view that day’s Appointment Book.

You can schedule an appointment directly from the Planner by following these steps:

  • Click on the  New Appointment icon in the toolbar.
  • The Appointment Editor which opens is the same as when scheduling from the Appointment Book or Office Flow.


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