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Patient Transaction Screen – How to Access

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The Patient Transaction screen can be accessed from the Patient Lookup list by clicking on the Patient Transaction    icon or by pressing Shift [F2].

The    Transaction icon is available in the toolbar throughout the program.

Shortcut to the Patient Transaction Screen: From the Patient Lookup List simply click with the right mouse button on the highlighted patient and select from the popup menu!

Tip: The icon on the Patient Lookup List has a drop down menu that allows you to view the last 20 patients whose transaction screen has been accessed on that workstation.

The Patient Transaction screen is where treatment, fees and payments are entered.

Insurance pre-authorizations, claims, treatment plans, and receipts are entered and printed from this area.

A single forward slash (/) is entered under the date column for the current date or you can click with the right mouse to enter the current date. By clicking the Completion    icon or double-clicking in an empty date field you will be able to select a date from a calendar to backdate treatment.

The status bar at the bottom of the Transaction screen will give either an explanation or direction.

The cursor popup windows can be disabled on the Transaction screen by clicking on the Help menu and disabling the ‘Shadow Help’ option.

MOGO will let you know upon closing a Transaction screen if the program has detected that the patient’s balance needs to be verified. Note: The Supervisor must first activate this option under the Distribution tab in Office Setup.

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