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Creating a New WP File

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Every new file must be given a filename before it can be saved. MOGO will automatically save your letters with the extension of .RTF

Click here to learn more about Rich Text Format (RTF).

You will be prompted for a filename when you close a new file or when you click on the Save icon.

The default path will always start in the WP folder. If you save a document in a folder that is not under the WP folder, a message will let you know that “You are saving outside of MOGO.”

You will now have a blank white screen. You can now use any of the features in the toolbars. If you click on an icon to activate, remember to click again to turn it off!

For example:

  • Click on File and Page Setup if you would like to set new margins and tabs.
  • Click on File and Print Preview on the menu bar to see how the new margins and page width will look.

Tip: You can also click on the Preview icon  to see how the changes you have made to the margins and page width will look on the completed document.

  • Click and drag to select text. The highlighted text can now be changed to bold, italics and underline.
  • Click and drag to select text in order to delete highlighted information.

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