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Merge Fields

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Merge fields can be quickly inserted into any Word Processor document in order to personalize letters, such as letters for your patients and referrals.

The merge fields can be displayed on the left side of the screen by activating Display Merge List under Options on the menu bar. Click on Hide Merge List when the list is displayed to close the list. Tip: You can also click on the “X” at the top of the list to close it.

There is also a  Display Merge List icon in the toolbar. Click on the icon again to close the Merge Field list.

Merge fields can be added to a document by clicking and dragging them to the document, or by just double clicking on any merge field in the list. If you double click, the merge field will be added to the current cursor position. Tip: You can click and drag merge fields to any position in a document.

Merge fields will appear in a yellow (goldenrod) color in the document.

Only true Merge Fields have the option to Delete Merge Field from the right click menu. A text field will not have this option.

To quickly add multiple merge fields to a document, use your [Ctrl] key to multi-select and then click and drag the merge fields into the document. Use your [Shift] key to select a range of merge fields.

Merge fields can only be deleted from a document by right clicking directly on each field and selecting Delete Merge Field from the menu.

  • When you select a merge field, it will be in a grey color (instead of the usual goldenrod color).
  • You cannot delete a merge field by highlighting it and using the delete key on your keyboard. You must right click to delete.

There are main titles shown for each section of merge fields. For example, merge fields such as patient name and address are under the Patient Information title.

The list under each title will appear in alphabetical order. Tip: Point to any merge field and the tool tips will contain an explanation of the merge field.

  • Click on any title to open the corresponding list of merge fields. Whenever you click on another title, the previously selected list will close.
  • When the merge field list opens, you will see a scroll bar on the right side of the list. This will allow you to scroll through to see all the merge fields that are available under this title. For example, there is a scroll bar for the Patient Information list.
  • You can increase the width of the list by clicking and dragging the vertical dividing border.
  • A screen resolution of 800×600 will limit the viewable list size. You can use the scroll bars (or the scroll on your mouse) to move through the merge field list.

An image merge field is listed under the Image title. When you add an image merge field to a document, you can specify the image size. Click here to learn more about Image Merge Fields.

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