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Electronic Claims – Deleting

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Before sending electronic claims, the list on the Not Sent tab will allow you to delete any of the claims from the list. For example, you may want to delete a claim that was done incorrectly.

  • Click on any claim that you would like to delete. It will be highlighted. To select multiple claims, hold the [Ctrl] key and click the selection box next to each claim.
  • Click on the  Delete icon.
  • MOGO will ask if you are sure you want to delete this claim.
    • If you say yes, MOGO will display the following message: “Please go to the Patient’s transactions and delete the e-claims code.”. Click [OK].

Note: If you do not delete the code from the Patient’s Transaction screen, this claim will continue to be tracked on the Past Due Insurance Claim or Past Due Insurance Pre-Authorization Treatment Status reports in the To Do List.

The claim will be removed from the Not Sent tab but will not be sent to History.

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