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Patient Information – New Patients

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New patients can be entered directly from the Patient Lookup list. Your cursor can be anywhere on the Patient Lookup List when you enter a new patient. MOGO will automatically assign ID numbers and list the patient in the correct alphabetical order.

There is a New Patient icon on the Patient Lookup List and on the Patient Information screen. The New Patient icon can be used to enter new or emergency patients.

To enter a new patient, the first step is to search the database for the patient name. This is crucial for several reasons, but the most important reason is so that you do not accidentally create multiple patient records for the same patient. On the New Patient search window, enter the patient’s name and click the magnifying glass icon (or click enter on your keyboard). The search function not only searches for matches to your criteria on the patient list, but it looks at all lists within MOGO. This is another benefit of having to search for the patient first: if your new patient was once a referral source, or an employee, or an employer, or even a deleted patient, they will show on the list so that you can change their record to reflect that they are also a patient now.  This means that patients who are also employees or referrers or employers will only have one record within MOGO!

As mentioned, after searching for your patient, you will either see a list of records that match your criteria or you will see a message stating that there are no records matching.  If the patient you are wanting to create is already in MOGO on a different list (employee, referral, etc) you would simply highlight their name and click the Select… button.  This will prompt a message stating that the record will be updated to include them as a patient.  If the search returned records that are not the patient you want to create, or if there were no results, you can click on Create New… to create a new patient record or Emergency to create an emergency patient record.

When a new patient is saved, a Quick Letter database can automatically appear allowing you to select a welcome letter to send to them. This feature is activated for all patients under Print and Auto Quick Letter on the menu bar in any Patient Information screen.

When you enter a new patient, their Notes screen will document who entered the new patient along with the date and time. This is based on the login name of the user.

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