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Image Merge Fields

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Merge Fields can be quickly inserted into any Word Processor document in order to personalize letters, such as letters for your patients and referrals. Click here to learn more about Merge Fields.

In addition to standard merge fields, image Merge Fields can be added to a document. An image merge field is listed under the Image title in the Merge List. When you add an image Merge Field to a document, you can specify the image size.

Click here to learn more about Merging an Image with a Quick Letter.

Tip: Quickly open the Merge List by clicking on the  Merge List icon in the toolbar.

  • An Insert Image Size window will open when you add the image merge field to your document. The default size in this screen is zero.
  • Enter the height and width in inches of the image when merged into the document.
  • The height to width image aspect ratio of the original image will be preserved when merged regardless of the image size entered.
  • If you want to change an image merge field that is already in a document, just select the existing image merge field and click and drag the borders to resize.

Note: If you leave the height and width at zero, the actual size of the image will be used when the document is printed. If the height and width is zero, the image merge field will appear in a very small size in the Word Processor document.

In addition to entering the image size, you will be able to specify the image cabinet that you want to open when you are printing your Quick Letter.

If you do not specify a cabinet on this screen, it will default to the Patient cabinet. You can always select a different cabinet at the time the letter is printed.

The following image cabinets can be selected as the image merge field default:

  • Patient
  • Ledger
  • Letter
  • X-Ray
  • Oral

If you have activated the “Show Notes” option on the Patient Lookup List or Appointment Monitor, you will see the actual image in the Notes.

If you view the document in the patient’s Notes screen, the image is not shown. However, it will be shown if the document is reprinted. There is no need to reselect the image when the document is reprinted. Note: Reprint is under File on the Notes menu bar.

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