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Patient Information Screen – Patient Menu

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Patient on the menu bar has the following options:

  • New Patient
    • Creates a new patient record.
  • Emergency
    •  Creates a new Emergency Patient.
  • Save
    • Saves all unsaved changes. MOGO will prompt to save any unsaved changes when the Patient Information screen is closed.
  • Delete
    •  Deletes the current patient.
  • Recall Information
    •  Displays the Recall Information for the current patient and their family members.
  • Family Table
    •  Accesses the Family Table [Ctrl-F] for the current patient.
  • Family Aging
    •  Opens the Family Aging window for the family [Ctrl-A] of the current patient.
  • Transaction
    •  Accesses the patient Transaction screen [Shift-F2] of the current patient.
  • Transaction History
    •  Accesses the patient Transaction History screen [Shift-Ctrl-F2] for the current patient.
  • DOS Transaction
    •  This is only used only by clients who have converted from MOGO DOS to MOGO Windows and will display transactions from prior to the conversion.
  • Budget Plan
    •  Opens the Budget Plan window for the current patient.
  • Search
    •  Search for a different patient.
  • Refer In/Out
    •  Open the Refer In/Out List. This is used to refer the patient out to another dentist or specialist or to mark their Refer In source.
  • Contact Information
    • Opens the additional information screen to enter home and business numbers for the patient, as well as cell phone numbers, fax,and e-mail. You can also mark the number you prefer to show as their primary contact number!
  • Personal eReminder Preferences
    • Opens the Personal eReminder Preferences window. From there, you can setup your patient’s preferences for receiving eReminders. For example: if your office eReminder settings are setup to send text messages as top priority, all patients who have a Home Cell Phone number entered and who has an appointment scheduled will receive a text.  If your patient provides a cell phone number but does not want to receive eReminders as texts you can indicate that in Personal eReminder Preferences.
  • Process Required eSignatures…
    • Checks the eSignature Office Setup and the patient’s history to see if there are any documents the patient is due to electronically sign.
  • View eSignature History…
    • View a list of previously eSigned documents.
  • Pending eSignature List
    • View a list of all documents that are pending to be eSigned.
  • Confirm eSignatures
    • View a list of all electronically documents.  This is also where you will approve the patient’s signature.

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