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Quick Letter (Quick Access)

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 Any letter in the Word Processor can be instantly merged with a patient by printing it as a Quick Letter.

You will use Merge Fields in order to customize your Quick Letters for your patients and referrals.

You can keep a database list of the Quick Letters you use most often. This is available from the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List under Print and Quick Letter (Quick Access).

  • Click on Print from the menu bar.
  • Click on Quick Letter (Quick Access)
  • Click on the Edit button at the top of the window.
  • Click on the New button to begin adding to your database list.

The columns on this window will show Gp, Description, and Letter File Name. The Gp column can be used to keep the letters in order. For example, the letter you use most often could be number 01.

The Description column is for your own use to easily identify the letter.

The Letter File Name column contains the name of the letter from your Word Processor. You will use the right click feature to select a filename. After clicking on the New button you will enter a letter filename as follows:

  • Enter a Gp number under the Gp column. This is optional but is suggested in order to keep your list organized.
  • Enter your own description for this letter under the Description column.
  • Click with the right mouse to open a popup menu with the choice to Select Document. Note: Select Codes is inactivated in the right click menu since this feature is not used in this area.
  • Select Document will default to the WP (Word Processor) folder.
  • Select the letter name that you would like to add to your Quick Access database list.
  • Click [OK] after making your selection.
  • Click on the Done button when finished.

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