MOGO Cloud Updates
Download updates and fixes here.

MOGO Windows maintenance updates can be downloaded free of charge.

How to Install the MOGO Update

  1. Close MOGO
  2. Download the latest build file
  3. Click Run from the File Download
  4. After the download is complete, click Run once again
  5. Click Next in the Install Shield window
  6. Read the End-User License Agreement, select I Accept and click Next
  7. When the installation if complete, click Finish to exit the installation

Version 23 Updates

MOGO Version 23

Build 165 (02/1/2021)

The MOGO Version 23 maintenance update is for existing MOGO v23 users. This self-extracting setup program contains the latest enhancements and fixes for version 23, and can only be loaded to a computer with MOGO Version 23 already installed. This is not a full upgrade, so it will not upgrade previous versions of MOGO to Version 23. Do not download UPV2300.EXE unless you are using MOGO Version 23. For more information, see how to install MOGO updates.

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